Light your own path...

Light your own path...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sweet & Simple

This post is more for myself because I just feel like I need to express my gratitude for all of the great things going on in my life right now.

I just wanted to say thank you. To God 1st & foremost because without him, there's no telling what kind of situation I would be in. A few months ago, I told Him I would trust in Him and follow His plans as long as everything was safely in His hands. I was scared at first, my job going part time and all. But I had to let go. If I would have panicked and immediately began looking for another job, I would have missed my blessings as far as school goes. Sometimes we have to learn to drop the reigns and let God take over. I stress out. I cry. I get angry. I get discouraged and disappointed. While God sits and shakes his head at me for believing I have the last say so on anything....

Just know that i'm greatful for all of the doors that have been opened for me and I plan on running through them at full speed.

To my gf, I love you and you are the next reason why all of this has been possible for me. Without you as my inspiration and my driving force, my life would be on a completely different path & who knows if it would be a good path or a dead end road. Please know that I take nothing for granted and all of the positivity you have sent my way, I am more than willing & ready to send it all back your way. You are one of the most brilliant, beautiful, hard working women I have ever known and just as doors have blown open for me, God will do the same for you. Im not worried about it at all. I know its all taken care of. I love you so much.


  1. I love what you said about running through open doors at full speed....priceless,


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